This crypto is for all to share

When we decided to launch a new alt-coin under the “Kryptofranc” brand, we were on a quest to find out if the cryptocurrency movement was only about speculation, daily traders and pumping on Telegram.

The “KYF” project is quite unusual: our aim is to build a community that will decide and support grants to human rights causes for the next ten years.

In order to achieve that goal and influence in a meaningful way the world affairs, we created this new currency, based on the Bitcoin Core, with extra strength technical specifications and set out to lure the cryptomaniacs community.

Initial results have been quite stunning as our coin value is up 330% since we started trading it on Crex 24.

This means that together with the support of people from Poland, France, Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia and many more places, we are starting to demonstrate that you can use crypto as a vehicle for generosity.

None of us are billionnaires on a quest to buy ourselves some redemption through charities. All of us are plain citizens of the world trying to abide by the message of freedom left to us by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Soon we are going to make the KYF available on a wider area of exchanges throughout the world.

Soon we are going to award our first grants to the chosen causes of the community.

We are grateful of your support and look forward to meet you on this strange, heartwarming “Kryptofranc” quest.

You can find more info about this project at and contact the team at:





Crex 24:

Author, director, founder, producer & investor.