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The authors of Kryptofranc (KYF) a blockchain based on Bitcoin Core are announcing a new project named Franc (FRANC).

This new altcoin is a smart contract programmed on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain with Solidity 8.0.

“Franc was the initial project before we decided to do the Kryptofranc” explains Nicolas Choukroun who is the author of the project Franc. Jean Martial Lefranc, who provided the seed financing for the Kryptofranc and I, have moved forward and we have decided to revive the legendary Franc currency as a new Ethereum based token”.

“We need a token for our next upcoming exciting project…

This crypto is for all to share

When we decided to launch a new alt-coin under the “Kryptofranc” brand, we were on a quest to find out if the cryptocurrency movement was only about speculation, daily traders and pumping on Telegram.

The “KYF” project is quite unusual: our aim is to build a community that will decide and support grants to human rights causes for the next ten years.

In order to achieve that goal and influence in a meaningful way the world affairs, we created this new currency, based on the Bitcoin Core, with extra strength technical specifications and set out to lure the cryptomaniacs community.

Paris, France, June 1st, 2020

The spirit of the French Revolution is alive and well with this new alt coin launched by two French innovators based on the Bitcoin Core.

“We believe the cause of human rights is under attack throughout the world with leaders trying to undermine both the rule of laws and restricting the freedom of expression of both the media and the people” explains Jean-Martial Lefranc who provided the seed financing for the project. “We want to leverage crypto to fight back”.

Hence the release of Kryptofranc on a new dedicated blockchain based on the Bitcoin Core…

The cryptocurrency field has yielded amazing hopes and dashed quite a few. Even though Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned the Bitcoin as a new money independant from government and central bankers, the experience has proven quite frustrating.

In effect, the Silk Road or Wikileaks went on to become the first “killer apps” of the altcoin useage. The Bitcoin never quite took off as a payment vehicle when other means such as Apple Pay succeeded in short order.

Still Bitcoin has contributed to the creation of a brand new field of assets through the proliferation of cryptos and related tokens. Even though the…

Jean-Martial Lefranc

Author, director, founder, producer & investor.

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